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Trillion This is a superb EP, you can hear the time that has gone into the production, so many little details. Andy Gibson is my favourite NZ musician - he's clever, unique and always delivers something interesting and good - he really knows his craft and how to put together sounds to make beautiful and artistic creations. Favorite track: Possible Worlds.
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released August 10, 2015

The Crash Narrative are Samuel Alexander and The Andy Gibson Project.

All songs written, produced, recorded and mixed by The Crash Narrative
except Horizon written by The Crash Narrative with Charmaine Ford and Rebecca Redwood.
Mastering and additional mixing by Rohan Laurence.

Lead vocals, programming, keyboards, sitar: The Andy Gibson Project
Vocals, programming, guitars, keyboards: Samuel de Silentio
Drums: Kelly Ballard on Possible Worlds and Sleepwalk
Bass: Brendan Turner on Affluenza
Cello: Sophie Wells on Affluenza and Jack Hobbs on Sleepwalk
Violin: Hester Bell Jordan on Sleepwalk
Trumpet: Tim Baker on Affluenza and Daniel Windsor on Sleepwalk
Bass Trombone: Kaito Walley on Sleepwalk
Saxophone: Anantha Narayanan on 10,000 Years
Drum recording by Andy Gibson assisted by Thomas Voyce
Horns and strings on Sleepwalk recorded by Andy Gibson in the Adam Concert Room assisted by Aabir Mazumdar
Affluenza instrumental originally mastered by Chris Winchcombe at York Street Studios

Design and cover photography: Andrew Scrivener.

The lyrics of these songs draw on the following quotes: ‘The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready, and it may be a long time before they get off’, ‘Only that day dawns to which we are awake’, ‘There is more day to dawn’, ‘Old deeds for old people, new deeds for new’ (Thoreau); ‘You can always make something out of what you've been made into’ (Sartre); ‘If we don’t change direction, we’ll end up where we’re headed’ (Chinese proverb); ‘The best of all possible worlds’ (Voltaire).



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The Crash Narrative Melbourne, Australia

The Crash Narrative address the demise of industrial civilisation with defiant positivity but without false hope. This Melbourne / Christchurch duo create soundscapes of carefully crafted instrumentation with melodic vocals.
The Crash Narrative will uplift and inspire, offering listeners a sophisticated and diverse sonic repertoire that uses music to explore our ecological predicament.
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Track Name: Horizon
Block of clay, vision of form
Moulding the future, instant by instant
Method in motion, choosing to choose
Beginning to move

Burn the page, new words in the ash
Unstuck from the ruts of a story that’s over
The world as we know it, upon which we stand
It’s beginning to move

Suddenly seeing the world as a canvas
Old deeds for old times
New ways of being on the horizon
New deeds for new times

Only that day dawns to which we are awake
The light for which we must fight is fading
It’s fading

If we stray, our spirits forlorn
Believe in the promise of more day to dawn
The morning exposes a path through the thorns

New ways of being
Thoughts dissolve
Suddenly seeing
New ways of being
New deeds
There’s more day to dawn
Track Name: Possible Worlds
These End of Days I’ve been consumed
By this unfolding demise
But all I seek is a corner of peace
From which to see a new sun rise

All those years I wandered Earth
Without a map for my return
Running in the ruts, rubbing salt in cuts
The soundtrack to which Rome burns

I was out of my soul
I was out

Even though apocalypse is on its way
I don’t want to think about it
Out here in the garden a burden lifts
As the light goes out in the West
This might be the best of all possible worlds

Caught up in the tangle of abundance
I lost my way
But here confusion clears
A morning breaks my soul awake

All these years I’ve wandered Earth
Without an end to my desire
So much fuel but not enough air
To breathe embers into fire

I’ve been out of my soul
I’ve been out

The path so long has been concrete covered
Buried under a myth
But out here in the garden a burden lifts
As a light goes out in the West
A culture laid to rest
Giving birth to new possible worlds
Track Name: Affluenza
The path was set, I just walked down
Couldn’t think for myself, could not turn around
But too much was never enough
So I simplified, I simplified

I’m walking down a new path now
And I won’t turn around, I won’t turn around
Too much is never enough
So I simplified, I simplified

If you wanted to go it alone
You could start today
We can make something new
Out of what we have been made into

We must create the path we take
The burden is mine to not fall in line
Too much is never enough
So simplify, simplify

Born into the West like you
History has given us a silver spoon
But too much is never enough
So simplify, simplify

If you wanted to go it alone
You could start today
We can make something new
Out of what we have been made into

But I have to go to work
‘Cause I feel this obligation
To get more than I need
To make me happy

So I spend my life at work
And now I’m so tired
That I need to get away

Step away
Track Name: Sleepwalk
Deep time is crumbling quickly
Through confusion of desire
But surely it’s not time for us to surrender
Surely it’s not time for us to surrender

If we don’t change direction
We’ll end up where we’re headed for
Do we really know what we are in for?
Could we really say we didn’t know?

Like a snake eating its own tail
We are a cancer cell that will grow itself to death
We were born into the dream of progress
And now we sleepwalk over the edge

Over the edge

Deep time is crumbling quickly
Eroded by our great machines
But surely it’s not time for us to surrender
Surely it’s not time for us to surrender

We were sold a dream of progress
But now we sleepwalk over the edge
We sleepwalk over the edge
Track Name: 10,000 Years
We get by with sleep in our eyes
Feel cold all the time
So we cook ourselves alive
We cook ourselves alive

When the internal heat
Is turned down so low and tamed
We cook ourselves alive

10,000 years from now
They read a story of demise
It seems slow to us now

Primal scream

What about our internal light?